Pierce County, We Can Make A Difference

A Port Commissioner candidate with a practical scientific background, U.S. Army veteran, and labor advocate


Elect Mary Bacon as Commissioner #4

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Putting My Experience
To Work For The Port

I am a decade-long resident of Pierce County with a vested interest in its success.  I am running for Port Commissioner #4 to responsibly promote the economic and environmental evolution of the Port of Tacoma.  Once elected, I intend to effect change for my county by ensuring the Port's success with investments in our communities and environment.  This position will allow me to help promote equity, growth, and prosperity for Pierce County while representing the interests of the county’s constituents by ensuring a logical, articulate voice is accurately reflecting the needs of our community within one of our largest public enterprises.

The reason I am running for Port Commissioner #4 is to be present for interpretation of data and to present options that may not have yet been considered from the perspective of a professional, invested scientific opinion.  I am a practical scientist with over 15 years of experience and I will make intelligent, data-based proposals for Port improvements. As a former labor advocate, I will also guarantee a voice at the table that promotes and supports the economic prosperity of the residents of Pierce County.  I am an ardent supporter of respectful discourse and I intend to represent our community as a Port Commissioner with an eye forward to our future when it comes to the development and success of the Port of Tacoma .